Sales/Use Tax Overpayment Review

DMA performs Sales/Use and Commodity Tax Overpayment Reviews on behalf of our clients to recover overpaid tax dollars that can be reinvested in your company and to identify tax errors that indicate improvement opportunities within the people, processes, and systems associated with sales/use and commodity tax administration.

Our approach is customized to each client’s specific business operations, as no two companies are the same. We investigate and analyze transactions for which sales/use or commodity tax was paid. Additionally, we perform all necessary document retrieval, research, and preparation of refund claims in order to recover tax dollars from taxing jurisdictions and/or vendors. Our review identifies potential gaps in your sales/use and commodity tax processes and confirms processes that are sufficient. DMA’s experienced tax professionals also train your personnel and offer recommended solutions designed to eliminate the risk of sales/use and commodity tax errors in the future.

DMA’s sales/use and commodity tax professionals have generated billions of dollars in tax savings for our clients. We are a leader in developing new tax strategies and identifying specific tax issues. Our proven processes, along with the expertise of our jurisdictionspecific tax professionals who average more than 19 years’ experience with sales/use and commodity taxes, means our clients realize the maximum benefit available.

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