State Income and RAR Tax Recovery and Compliance

DMA’s State Income & Franchise Tax Recovery service is designed to identify and obtain all state income and franchise tax refund opportunities for all periods open according to the statutes of limitations.  In addition, we provide you with recommended solutions to mitigate future overpayments of state income and franchise tax.

Our State Income & Franchise Tax Recovery service can be performed in conjunction with RAR Compliance Services. Oftentimes, the refunds generated by the overpayment recovery can be used to fund solutions, thereby relieving necessary budgeting requirements for you.

DMA’s RAR Compliance service provides you with a complete outsourced solution to the state reporting requirements resulting from the settlement of your Federal tax audit and signals the start of the state RAR compliance burden.  RAR filing deadlines are short, new projects are assigned, and routine day-to-day work consumes most of your time.  Our experienced tax professionals with state-specific expertise will prepare and review your returns. 

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